Sunday, 8 November 2015

Do I Write Gay Romance?

It may be time for me to accept something about my writing.   Let’s just start with the beginning of the blurb from my last novel Salinor.
In Salinor a prophecy is about to come true but it is held in secrets. Identities have been hidden and no one is who they appear to be. this is the world Leo and Danais have found themselves in. They are not who they thought they where; their friends and family are leading double lives; nothing is as it seems. 
So the above is the first paragraph.  Sadly, I used the wrong were, but as yet no one has pointed this out to me.  I wrote and edited my own blurb so clearly I missed that.  But I digress, what do you say does this have at all to do with GLBT, specifically male/male romance.  Everything.  This is a fantasy novel, yes.  It is about the journey of self-discovery of quite a few cast members but I had to pick two for the blurb and these two won out.  Are they in a relationship, yes they are.  Does this little paragraph say this?  Well of course it doesn’t.  Romance or relationships in general are the medium in which I choose to tell the stories that I write.  The stories themselves are always about something much bigger.