Saturday, 31 October 2015

Virgil Preview

My brother dutifully lived in fear as each day slowly but surely they stripped away more and more of any shred of human that he may have had in him.  At this rate, he might not even get to his eighth birthday before being robotized.  Still he appeared to become more and more like a normal child than he ever was the more this went on.  So normal in fact people stopped feeling sorry for him.  This, my evil Satanist parents, I mean my good God fearing Christian caretakers, took as success.  That a perfect human could indeed be molded by brute force.
The worst part is that like most fanatics, they claimed everything they did was in God’s name.  Keeping my brother pure.  Keeping him holy in God’s eyes.  Making sure that his entry into the Kingdom of Heaven was not only secure but beyond destruction.  My brother spent his days praying that heaven would come soon.  That he would wake up one day and it would all be over.  He accidentally said this prayer out loud once before bed.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Salinor Excerpt 2

S H a l i N I

Shalini thought about the present. Things had changed so fast. The children were now adults dealing with all the drama that adults deal with while simultaneously trying to figure out their place in the realm. This is what all people do when they grow up, but within the Alliance, the tension in this particular area was high. It was more about doing the best one could do for the entire realm, and not just deciding who to be. How would people’s talents better serve the people was the issue, no matter how low or high their position might be.
Things were different now. The children no longer called her ‘mother.’ They were calling their own parents that. Her time with them had come and gone. And now, here she was in The Wood in the most dangerous of times. The first time the children had been in The Wood was when the magic was at its peak, and the forest grew in strength and rejuvenated itself. She was sure the only reason she was alive was because they had a Lurgal escort. The king had been destroyed in a failed attempt of the enemy to claim territory on the borders of Keldon and Mironi. It was a brutal death. One arm was never found. His head was also disconnected.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Salinor Excerpt.

I promised that I'd post an excerpt if I hit 20 book sales yesterday and I did.  As of typing this I'm at 23 sales wish is more than enough to make me happy.  Thanks to everyone who's helped so far and… well that's it.  Don't want to keep you reading too much before the preview arrives :)
Retara’s information had proven to be quite helpful in the sense that they only lost two soldiers and five peasants. Without her, at least half the party might have perished. It was never good to lose people, but grieving was something they didn’t have time to do. They had made it to the beginning of fall and were just approaching the Wood of Children. Leo was feeling a little odd. He hadn’t been to the place of his birth in seven years. The emotions were slowly building up in him. He was starting to wonder if he could handle it.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

I'm Not Sorry

I've been meaning to write a blog for some time but truth be told I'm disheartened by this whole author thing.  I sometimes wonder why I do it.  I live perpetually in a world where all I do is sing and preach and stress over this author dream that I can't honestly say I whole heartedly believe in.  I sometimes wonder if all my enthusiasm is real or just a facade to hide much deeper issues.  Depression, anxiety, loneliness.  As if my drive and passion for my art is only a form of distraction from the truth that I am just generally, genuinely, and grotesquely unhappy with myself as a human being.  I don't really love life--well my life to be exact.  But that's neither here or there at present.  By the end of this blog post who knows I may totally contradict this first paragraph because this paragraph actually has nothing to do with what I set out to write when I started.  But the following will.