Sunday, 13 September 2015

Achievement Not Unlocked

I failed.  What did I fail at you might ask.  Well I guess I should start of with the truth.  That is that I lied.  I post a lot about me trying to become a full-time author.  Buy my books and blah blah blah and though that may be true.  It's a little disingenuous.  I've quite literally only had one real goal.  To help my mom buy a house.  Unlike all those 100k and 200k houses we see on HGTV all the time in 21.5 square mile Bermuda, an average let alone amazing house usually goes for around 500-750K and that's basic.  Like the one you get cause you can't afford anything else type basic.  Most are closer to 1million and beyond.  That's something we could never afford in this lifetime.  So I've  secretly been hoping at best, six books in that maybe just maybe I could quite possibly at the very least hit enough even if I had to give everything I had to do it.  I as of now, after astronomical cell bills, trying to promote books and the like, and two credit bills that i'm trying to get rid of, phone bill that will be turned of on tuesday but cleared on thursday, in full.  It's payday thursday.  Wordy sentence aside as of today I have zero in the bank and hardly noticeable book sales.