Monday, 15 June 2015

What's That Got to do with it

So I'm single.  And this is me.  A work in I despise the gym progress.  But i do it anyway.  Personally in comparison to all the other guys in the gym I'm far from even anything moderately close to impressive.  The good thing there is I don't care.  The only person who needs to be happy is me.  But that's not what this post is about anyway.  

Anyone who has ever bitched about being single and then had someone tell you  something like, you're too cute to be single.  Or you don't smile in a picture and they're like 'you're too hot not to be smiling'. Oh and my favourite just being plain old depressed with life, 'you're too attractive to be sad'.  Fuck Fuck and Fuck.  What is wrong with people?  It doesn't matter if your short, tall fat, skinny, rich poor or a freakn muscle god--we are all human and perfectly susceptible to all things human.  Our attractiveness level has nothing to do with it.  It has nothing to do with it the same way money can't buy happiness either.   I"m just so done with people assuming that telling others that they are beautiful is the end all to be all and suddenly all their real life problems will melt into the abyss of 'but you're beautiful so you cant possibly have problems' sea.  So please, everyone, for the love of all things that make sense, and for all the people out there who are tired of the insensitive morons telling them things like this, just shut the fuck up.