Friday, 14 April 2017

Supossed to be Quitting

So I am supposed to be giving up on this authoring business.  To be fair the only thing I've written has been poems.  Trying to do the April poetry month challenge.  I realise that I'm wasting away sharing my shit all the time daily and I'm already four poems behind and my stress levels are still the same. This is actually why I'm supposed to be quitting writing.  

I did however finally re-edit one of my novels.  Dana, it really needed some love and that was fun. Something artsy that didn't require sharing or the hopes people would buy it. I just did it cause I wanted to and actually enjoyed doing it.  One part of being an artist in ways that benefit my well-being, success.
I had a long list of things to do this year.  Fitness, totally fell off this week.  Takes just two days of bad eating and poof, stomach says hit the gym.  Sigh.  I'll be back in on Sunday.  I need first day of the week starts.  I"m weird like that.  Diet gets back on track tomorrow though.  In any case, at least there is finally progress after almost sixteen years of being an author I have free time to exercise.

Piano, that's getting shelved until further notice.  Not happy but it is what it is.  Learning a new language is still in the grey area I might not have to shelf it.  But my biggest thing is reading.  I haven't finished one decent book all year.  The best artist year of my life was when I was doing book reviews.  Reviews are hard to get and I just feel better when what I do helps other people.  Reading books, writing reviews, sharing them.  Getting feedback from authors.  I made a few friends and became a fan of a few authors.  And I even learned that I write the way I write not because I'm an author but because I'm a reader.  I put in books what I always want to see in books versus writing from the literary standpoint of what is supposed to be in said genres and blah blah blah.  Rules are overrated.

Basically, it was an amazing year.  And here I am, pushing poetry, making memes with quotes from my books and poems, sharing sharing sharing, all day every day and the quitting has not commenced and I"m still fuckn stressed.  

Lesson learned, there is no grey area in give up.   SoI'mm going to keep doing the poetry month challenge but share less, and if I don't make thirty I am totally cool with that.  I"m going to find the poems for my poetry book, which I also will not be pushing.  Just doing it cause it's long overdue.  And most importantly I am going to start reading again.  Writing reviews.  Accepting requests for reviews.  That was the goal.  If I am going to write the least I can do is help out another author with my words.

So operation author quit is back in effect.  Picking up my kindle and getting to work.

Okay after one more episode on Netflix,  Then I will be ready.  Honest.

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