Monday, 3 October 2016

No One Cares If You Share Your Own Shit

So if you have been following me recently you know I dropped my nice guy act for a new more honest approach to selling books.  Basically likes and congratulations don't do shit but sales shares or both are everything.  If you want more and that go here.  So far it has been yielding results and getting me lesser comments from the positive reinforcement crew hence dropping all negativity off my feeds.  Let's start off with why this is negative.

So you think I'm great.  Want me to keep up the good work, you're so happy you saw my post online and thought you would speak to me in public to shower me with your positive page.  First problem loads of people talk about my post when I see them IRL.  Yet those posts have next to zero likes or shares.  Le sigh.  Secondly did you buy the book?  If not explain to me how all the praise you could possibly give me will magically make me quit my day job cause now I can write full time.  Go on.  I'll wait.

So back to sharing.  These people also don't share my shit.  I've been telling everyone I know since the first book that I have no problems reaching people.  I reach tens of thousands of people with each book.  That's all on my own.  The likes pour in in the thousands, but again that's what i do with my own effeorts.  In just one weekend I sold over 20.  How did this magic happen.  First people who encouraged me backed it up with a purchase.  Second some of those people also shared my book links.  And third people who could not afford to purchase also shared my book links.

The cold hard math, no one gives two shits if the only source of promotion comes from the source.  If other people don't show interest even if they like your post.  Even if they comment on it.  They still wont invest or share your post.  This is the problem because all the idea makers and postive thinkers and bring in the good and out with the negative sayers are the same people usually not hitting the share button.  But this time, for once the planets aligned and I finally got people to share my shit.  To back up thier words with action and what do you know I sold books and i am still selling them.  Slowly but usually i sell like 15 or so the first day and pfft that's it for years.  Nothing.  And here I am at like one book a day before friday but after all the online support over thirty in just three days.  This is what I"m talking about.

Am I negative.  Nope I"m a realist.  I knew why I wasn't selling books.  I clearly stated it and I refused to change my position as it says here in this article.  If you cared you'd buy or share it.  And I still stand by that especially since my network has gone out and proven I was right.  People care when other people care.  It doesn't matter how much you believe in yourself.  How much positive reinforcement you live with and how much good energy you put into the world.  As far as I am concerned I am awesome.  But my self confidence or self worth will not sell me books.  That is the truth.  Number crunching.  And has zero to do with my attitude.  Negative truths does not equate a negative atitude.  But I digress.

I also boosted my posts only to Bermudians.  But yet I managed to get non locals buying my book this weekend.  Again that's because other people shared my shit not because I shared it.  The moment outside tangible sources got on board things just started happeing.  And I couldn't be happieer

The reason is I am so tired of people misinterpertating my truths for some sort of anger and self loathing.  I don't want to give up because I have no faith in me and my work--I have shitloads of faith.  I want to give up because so many people are out there encourging me not to quit while in the same space and time not sharing or buying my book.  And yes shares are way more important than buys to be honest.  That is what gets me the reach I need to gain fans and followers that I cannot touch on my own.  Thanks to this weekend I have solid evidence I can use the next time someone gets all try this, and why don't you do that, and have you considered... seriously just stop.  Now maybe when I tell people what the problem is and that I have results to prove said problems, people will shut up and accept that I am not stupid, that i got this undercontroll and the problem is as I have always stated, outside forces.  The numbers just don't add up.

With just the last four books i have reached hundreds of thousands of people yet this book has out sold them all combined.  That is proof that you cant argue with.  It doesn't matter how good you are at marketing.  How amazing your product is.  If other people don't care about you and show it with a purchase, a review, or a share, especially if they share your original post to help it go viral, no one gives two shits.  Cant argue with the facts.

No one cares if you share your own shit.

But the care if others do.  And this is exactly why this book is doing so amazingly well.  And I hope this shit keeps up.

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