Sunday, 25 September 2016

Shut Up Or Pay Up



Okay.  I bet you're wondering what's up with the photos.  The first is a friends post of my book that I posted on my site.  The second is my first review.  The rest are four of the six free chapters I posted during my books presale.  Amazon doesn't allow the preview function before the official sale date.  People are always overflowing with suggestions on how to market yourself so let's start simple.  According to just the clicks.  This one book has recieved over 1,200 clicks.  Paid reach is over 50,000 views.  And the views I reach totally on my own reached over 9,000.  And the likes, in the thousands for all except one.  It is safe to assume I do not have a problem reaching people.  So if this is not the problem what is?

If you look at the shares for example, they are all low.  And they are all mine.  I share the hell out of my own stuff usually so the one with 32 shares is the norm and that still isn't every author group outlet I am on, on Facebook.  I started getting choosier cause they block you at about 35.  I've sent multiple messages about the point of being in groups is to share your shit to all of them and that google doesn't block you.  They don't care.  So no one shares my shit.  Problem one.

Secondly people clearly don't like me.  It's probably my fault.  But I know I've supported a book or two by someone I can't stand so I consider this reasoning to be invalid.  I don't give two shits about your opinion of me.  It's only 99cents how much of a sacrifice is it really.

Thirdly the ever popular 'I don't read'.  Sigh.  Again don't care.  If the people I know, who I can touch.  Friends, family, and friends' of friends and family don't buy it, then my sales rank will not rise.  Thus I will never crack the top 100 on amazon.  This, of course, means the people who will read it will never find it because you are under some misconception that I give two shits if you do.  I just need the cash so that real readers can find me.  And just like sharing, without your help it will never happen.

And the most annoying thing.  Words.  Don't give up keep writing.  It's nice to see someone doing what they love.  Keep chasing your dreams.  Good luck glad to see your still at it.  Oh you sold a few books congradulations.  The list is endless of the types of praise and encouragement and whatever that people sling at me.  And they've been doing it for fourteen years.  And then when you start threatening to give up because you have no money to support the dream and no support from the general population, then they want to try to make you feel better and pull examples of other people who struggled with their art who are millionaires now.  Really all of this stuff is useless bullshit.  My usual response is to nod and carry on but lately I've given up on all of that.  Switched to cold hard math.  Flat out not giving two shits anymore.  Here is a very excelent example of me not caring.  What I have learned from this experience is i feel amazing now that I'm just blurting out the truth and not given a rat's ass about how people feel about it.

Basically if every person who congratulated me or done anything in the above paragraph put up 99cents for my book than I would be a writer.  See the problem with all the doogooders of the world is that when they are saying you are awesome and you have what it takes, they are part of the problem.  If they supported with more than words they would be part of the catalyst to success.  They would be helping the object of their praise actually reach this future they are manifesting.  Esentially they are not helping.  If they believed hard work pays of, if they believed you had what it takes to succeed, if they believed you were good at what you do they would pay 99cents for your stuff.  They would share your book links when you post them on facebook.  They would tell a friend or two or send out an email about the 99cents your new book cost.  If they weren't just bullshiters who have no intentions of helping you but just want to feel guilt free by saying they encouraged you to reach your goals, then the likelyhood of you reaching them would be astronimically higher.  And even if you do fail at least you would know you did all you could to get there and the people around you actually did so as well.

So yeah that's the point I am at now.  No I do not care if you read it.  I absolutely don't care about the amount of likes I get on facebook--I am not a narcissistic asshole.  And I really really really don't want to hear what you have to say unless it's yes I bought your book shared your post and I'm going to see if I can get at least one other friend to buy it too.  I will no longer nod and be all thank you when you start smiling with acceptance when you give words of praise and encouragement.  I will no longer just say yeah I should do that when you come up with ideas for how to market my book.  Let's be clear. I did the newspaper, magazine articles, paid facebook ads, paid kindle adds, am a member of over 70 author sharing groups have a facebook fan page with over 1000 followers and the same on google plus, I have done book signings and went to the first and only bookfair I think they've had in Bermuda, and, the most important, I CANNOT AFFORD TO BUY MY OWN BOOKS.  

I did this for six books and more than half of them even with all the people who swore they'd buy a hardcopy who never came through, sold.  Well over 10000 dollars I've spent trying to do this book thing and all my previous books you can quite literally walk into both bookstores and order.  Takes less than two weeks to arrive.  Yet everyone is waiting for me to magically come up with the money to buy books, pay for the ridiculously high Bermuda shipping then have to set the price sometimes for less than I paid because other books my size cost less so no one will buy mine.  No I am not willing to lose another cent because people are lazy and full of words and no action.  Like they can't just pull out their smartphone, log into amazon and add a dollar to their shopping cart via my book.  Basically if any of the stuff in this blog happens to me again in the future my only response will be to tell them the hardcore truth or flat out ask them did they buy it.  You didn't, well I have no interest in your solutions because you are not helping.  Come back to me after you drop me a dollar or share my posts.  

I'm considering anything that isn't helping me towards my goal of being a writer to be negative energy.  I don't need any of that shit in my life right now.  If you can't support your best bet is to say fuck all.  Mostly because I will be bitter, give you a piece of my mind and I won't in any way shape or form be concerned about your feelings.  I've been playing nice my entire career and since I am not doing well I don't have anything to lose by telling the truth.

Basically I'm saying shut the fuck up or pay up.  No there is no grey area.

And you know what annoys me the most about this.  Is people go on and on about leaving behind a legacy, placing your mark on the world.  When you go this that and the other.  Seriously is that what life is about.  Living it so that I can be written into the history books.  So that my life sucks ass only to be wonderfully awesome once I"m dead, which is useless to me.  Is that really what life is about.  Is no one supposed to enjoy the fruits of their labor while they are living?  I guess I am just over all this 'help' that's basically doing nothing but saying I'd rather tell you you're awesome than actually support your awesomeness.

So there it is.  I'm unconcerned about anything anymore.  You are either riding on my author train or you aren't.  Pick a side and stay in your lane once you're in it.  So if you aren't on my success train don't ask me about my books plays music or anything I'm into.  I don't care because you don't really care.  You've been raised to behave in such a way that taking interest in other people's interests makes you a good person.  The same way you believe not saying good morning to every human under the sun makes you a bad person.  Both are bullshit.  I'm not interested.  I'm not spending another moment crying, hiding out in the job bathroom because life is too much.  Considering what the world would be without me and concluding it would be better.  Feeling like every day at work is another day closer to me being fired.  I have too much psychological issues to be dealing with all you people and your 'non help'.  So again if you have seen my posts.  Received a Whatsapp message from me, an email from me or from someone I asked to share a message for me, have come in contact with me in any way that allowed you to know what I do on the side when I"m not a dishwashing slave at work.  If you know and haven't done a thing about it.  Just shut up.  If this is your first contact with all this and you don't do something don't random stranger stop me to voice your opinion either to congratulate me or tell me that my attitude is the problem.  Unless you bought my 99cent book, shut up.  Keep your negative vibes out of my success train space.  I'm not listening to it.

So if you missed the entire point of this here it is just one last time.  Shut the fuck up or pay up.  Or at the very least share my shit.  Likes are totally useless.  And buy this book.

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