Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Love Not War: Shaky Foundation

If you’re wondering where this is going.  Good.  With the fight against marriage in Bermuda being fiercely fought by the PMB (preserve marriage Bermuda.) it is time to write this long overdue post.  I find myself some days wondering why so much fuss.  Anti-abortion this, homosexuality that, is this movie PG, no fun dancing, ban this book it’s the work of Satan.  The list is endless.  Why oh why do they care so much?  The more I thought about it the more I thought about why I don’t care that they are Christians.

See their faith doesn’t stop me from breathing.  It doesn’t stop me from having my own opinion.  It doesn’t stop me from getting out of bed in the morning and going to work.  I honestly don’t even think about it.  I don’t walk down the street like oh there goes a Christian and magically my day is somehow ruined.  I’m perfectly confident in who I am.  Why should I be bothered?  If these are the reasons why I’m not bothered than it stands to reason they would be bothered by only one reason.  That there’s some cracks in their belief system.

Why else.

It’s very plausible that they fight so hard against anything that steps outside the boundaries of their belief system because they don’t believe strong enough in it.  They stop watching certain movies, don’t associate with certain people, anything that is supposedly ungodly they cut themselves off from and when that isn’t enough they try to eliminate it entirely, like banning books, abortion, and homosexuality.  Inside them is this deep-rooted fear that if anything shakes the foundation on which their beliefs stand that they won’t be able to build it back up.  The bubble will bust on their façade and they will be forced to face the music of the hypocrisy that they are.

They aren’t stupid.  They know the organist is sleeping with the pastor’s wife.  They know that sister Beth has a serious gambling addiction.  That little bobby is really little Lucy when no one is watching, That a good chunk of the population are hiding the fact that they will never quit drinking and hide their alcohol whenever church people come to visit.  And that at least thirty percent of the men in church are either sleeping with each other or other men outside the close knit church circle.  The church itself is perpetrating the exact same things they fight against and they know it but everyone pretends it doesn’t exist.

See the problem with freedom of choice is just that.  Freedom.  Once people are comfortable with who they are what will they actually need god for?  What would happen to the church members suddenly felt comfortable being themselves?  So I like a drink here and there.  I’m gay, I’m a lesbian, I want to be in a polyamorist relationship.  What if all the people in church didn’t feel pressured or forced to live up to certain ideals because there was no fear of being thrown out.  What if they could have their cake and eat it too.  Be true to themselves and still their faith.  What if everyone just upped and realized they didn’t have to be sheeple and could just be people.

That’s the situation here.  Somehow the church is trying to convince the people that their faith will somehow be gone, tested, changed in some way if SSM.  That the island will somehow fall into some state of disrepair if they don’t band together to shut down the rights of their fellow humans.  Their cousins, people they went to school with, brothers and sisters.  With all the love your neighbor as you love yourself, and the love being preached in church ultimately fear is the only thing that matters.

They have to scare you into believing that somehow Christianity as they know it will crumble because that’s their biggest fear.  The ones making the most noise don’t have enough faith in their own beliefs that the belief will survive anything.  With all the holes, and facts, like the whole taking Christ out of Christmas nonsense, if they can explain to me how you can have Christmas without Christ than I’ll be happy to talk about how we are removing something that was actually placed there after his death and not even on the day of his birth.  Do your history to find out what was actually being worshiped on the day previously.  But I digress.  They are very aware that if they keep losing out to human rights ultimately Christians will realise they can have those rights and be with people who except them just as they are.  Where will that leave the church.  Empty.  So they have to find reasons this will fail.  They have to misrepresent gender orientation.  They willingly give out information that they know is false knowing that their followers will follow them blindly and not bother to search for the truth. 

If they had even a teeny ounce of faith in the validity of their religion they would live Christ like.  Exhibit all those things that make a good Christian and believe that their God will allow these good qualities to shine through and inspire others to want to be like them.  Lead by example.  But they don’t.  They know they are flawed, that they can’t do it, and therefore must force the people they have to stay, find ever persistent ways to recruit more members, and bring down outsiders, in this case gay marriage like they are here in Bermuda, in order to keep the status quo going.

But if you can pick choose and refuse what laws no longer apply, after all they no longer force women to marry their rapist, or not eat pork, then how real is your religion anyway?  You can’t just decide what does and doesn’t apply to your time.  You either accept the world is changing in its entirety and adjust accordingly, or don’t.  There is no grey area where love is concerned.

Just think of the church of England.  The king wants a divorce the church decides it has the authority to just say no, and a new church is born.  Major life decisions of the people should be up for them to choose which is why marriage is a government thing.  If the LGBT community were slaves the Christian church would unquestionably be slave masters who feel it’s their place to deny us basic rights because they are better than us.  But as history shows the more you pull people down the bigger the results when freedom arises.

When, not if, but when marriage equality comes around to Bermuda and the church again looks like the evil fear mongers like they are to the rest of the world, if anything bad happens to them it won’t be anyone else’s fault.  Instead of working on building up their own faith and instead tearing people down their foundation and public standing will shatter.  They will ultimately bring about the very truth in which they are trying to ignore that there isn’t much to hold onto with the multitude of loopholes within their religion.  Hell just Leviticus alone has enough to bring their whole Agenda down let alone the rest of the bible.

And the gay agenda, um when you find it let me know ‘cause I just see humans trying to do what humans do which is have the same rights as everyone.

And lastly to my black Christians.  After the fight for freedom.  After so many years of oppression.  After having our culture destroyed, and being forced to speak a language not our own and adopt a religion not our own.  How did we go from jumping broomsticks in our effort to have what was already ours to begin with to bringing down any other race or culture for wanting the exact same thing?  To not be enslaved by people who believe they have the right to dictate how others live.  We of all people should not be oppressing anyone.  We should know better.  We should be encouraging freedom for all, Christian or not.  We should be ashamed of ourselves for portraying the very characteristics that our forefathers fought so hard to break free from.  It makes me sad really that we are so quick to bring our own down instead of build them up and then be the first to scream #blacklivesmatter. 

Lets just be up front it only matters when it comes in the frame you want it.  Since gays, and atheists and undecideds aren’t like you, (black Christians) you must scream “Exterminate, Exterminate”, (shout out to all my Dr. Who fans).  But seriously it’s time to wake up and see the wrong, the evil, and the likenesses in history, think the Jews and the American Indians, and the women’s suffrage movement, Loving vs Virginia, and… look I don’t have time to go across every country in the world and point out what happens when one sect tries to control the other.  Some countries are still trying to escape oppression, but (man this point is taking forever in this paragraph) but we need to wake up and see that this wrong, no matter what its intentions, is viewed as hate and a need to assert ones authority instead of ones equal status in the same community in which PMB is trying to bring its own down.

It’s not our fault your whole world could shatter if more freedoms are returned, because they were the peoples to begin with, evil was what took it away.  And by evil I mean humans with entitlement complexes.  Maybe you should’ve built your foundation on love instead of fear.  Maybe you shouldn’t make people within your own church feel bad about themselves in order for them to have a need to be there—to be fixed like only your God can.  Never mind loads of people do just fine recovering from all sorts of problems on their own outside the church.  Facts are useless to people who just follow leaders like Zombies and don’t do their own research.

But yeah.  I just can’t understand a people so intent of crushing other human existence.  I guess their aim is to strip outsiders of all their rights until their lives are so miserable they have to run back to the church and be forced to live a Christian life just to get basic needs.  Yeah that’s extreme.  Or maybe it isn’t.  Could the church really be looking so far into the future they are trying to restore the olden days when they did have much more power in government?

PMB makes me sad to be a Bermudian because I don’t want to be associated with such disregard for my fellow humans.  I am human, and no amount of rallying will change that.  And so are all the locals and nonlocals on this Island, and I hope this fight goes up in flames with them on the other side wondering just what they did wrong.  God forbid we don’t get marriage equality.  Then I will be forced to listen to them go on and on and on about how prayer works and god’s law, not the law for all mankind, but god’s law will always prevail. 

Bermuda needs to finally take a stand for justice for all, and both of our governments should just put them in their place and say share love or shut up.

Love always wins.  Remember that when you start a hate war.

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