Sunday, 7 February 2016

Love Not War: Nothing Has Changed

Let me tell you a story.  This story probably won’t be anything fantastical.  In fact you will probably be wondering why I’m even bothering with telling you.  But hold out till the end.  Trust me it will make sense.  And if it doesn’t, well that means it was probably meant for you to read it and you’re ignoring the obvious for your own personal delusions.  In any case here it is.

On a day, sometime in some year on the planet earth a child was born.  Yeah nothing at all new about this.  Babies are born every day.  Still this story gets even more typical as they named the child John.  A nice name yes, but not all that original.  There are loads of johns.  John looked like his mother, no wait his dad, is this even important?  Children always flip flop their likenesses depending on the onlooker.  So more of the norm here.

He was born into the perfect family home.  Both parents working.  Both madly in love with him.  Recording his first steps and torturing all the childfree friends they have by showing off these photos.  Indeed, john was a celebrity in their eyes, even if only in their eyes.  Parents, you gotta love em.  John’s first word was, Jesus, I’m just kidding it was ‘no’.  Odd since his parents almost always said yes but it’s just one of those cute little things that happen around children. 

He didn’t learn to speak any faster or slower than any other child, and by the time he was five was starting to learn the ropes of his loving Christian home.  Church on Sundays prayer meetings here and there.  John liked to sing and play the guitar so in no time he was well on his way to being the choir director and pursuing a teaching career in music.  Do his part to give back to the youth and all that.  Perfect student, blah blah blah.  Skip to adulthood and he meets the perfect wife in college.  They soon marry and after receiving their degrees, have three children, all boys.  No problem there neither of them wanted girls anyway. 

Fatherhood looks good on John.  In fact so good he wondered why it took him so long to get this family thing going.  But as things go he taught his kids what he was taught, they weren’t as trouble-making-less as he was.  His parents said it was Karma.  If he had been a more rebellious teen himself maybe he would’ve gotten less stress from his kids.  Still he loved every moment of it as did his wife.  Who constantly told him he was a bit of a softy when it came to the kids.  Someone had to be the king of the castle and he was way too busy being a good father for that stuff.  But she, of course was the perfect half to his half thus making a whole.

But children grow up and there wasn’t a day more brighter in John’s life than when his second eldest son produced him two twin boys, okay okay twin boys for all the gramma Nazis out there.  Grandparenthood.  Isn’t god good.  Especially since there were no more girls.  His other two children took care of that--they really took care of that.

So here is John, this person you only know because you’ve read this post.  He could be fictional, or he could be real and I just changed the names to protect the guilty, I mean innocent.  There is no way of knowing but the fact remains you only know him via this post.  So here comes the fun part.  I’m going to ask you some really really easy questions.  You will either rise up on top a super genius, or deny your brilliance and be totally unchanged by your newfound knowledge.

Think about how tall you are, your favorite foods, what your daily routine is.  If you have family or don’t.  What your religious beliefs are.  Are you happy with your body or not?  What color is your hair?  Are you male or female?  Can you sing, or do you only have shower voice?  Just think of all the things that make you the you that you are and ask yourself this one simple question.
Has any of that changed about you? 

Go on think on it for a while.  I’ll waste time here typing this paragraph.  Watching the timer on my chicken it’s at 24:22 (mins and seconds obviously) before I have to check it.  Lunch for the week I’m a man on a budget. 84$ until next Sunday.  Not bad stayed under 100.  Are you still thinking about your answer?  Don’t rush or anything.  Did I mention I’m single, short and chocolate and am a bit of softy for tattoos?  I’m supposed to be on this anti-reflux diet right now.  Totally failing.  All the foods I have to avoid are the only ones I’m not allergic to so starving isn’t on the menu.  So far eating better seems to be working.  Nausea subsiding.  Doing good I must say.  Got sick lost a lot of weight last year, finally put it back on now I have a round belly I’m particularly fond of.  It says I’m healthy.  Haven’t been that for a while.   Are you still thinking?  I’m almost ready to get back to that question.   But yeah.  Now I have to burn it back off the good way, not the I cant eat well so I’m thinning out way.  Sick skinny is nowhere near the same as toned skinny.  I’m almost finished my new book.  Oh whatever, I’m done rambling.

Let me answer the question for you.  Chances are you’re still exactly the same.  This story doesn’t even measure high enough to change your way of thinking or perception on life.  It’s just why in the world did I read this when I could be watching Netflix--no chill.  Well what if I told you his wife was named Jason and they relatives offered to have the babies for them so they are biological and have their DNA.  All in the family.  Chances are you will be outraged.  Some others will still be like, okay still don’t see the point, and then there will be those waiting in anticipation for the big ‘what’?  But the one thing about you that is still quite the same is that the answer to the question I posed hasn’t changed.  You are still indeed you.  The only way you won’t be you is if you allow something that quite literally doesn’t affect your daily life, remember John could very well not be real, to change it. 

This is the biggest problem with all this Gay marriage stuff.  Let’s not forget that Jews get married and so do Muslims, and atheist, and pagans, and Buddhists, depending on what type of monk that is, and the list is endless.  You can have say a Jewish wedding, but the marriage no matter who is doing the marrying is still just called marriage.  There is no such thing as gay marriage.  It’s just this thing Christians created so they could have another cause to fight.  Another reason to hate and hide behind words they didn’t write.  Another reason to try to force the world, all races, creeds, cultures and sexual identifying things that are not like them to be like them.  God forbid there be any other religions out there but theirs because everyone must be a Christian.

The other problem here is again they are unaffected by this.   See other than me having to put it in the paper, if I go out and marry a man or a woman, if I decide that I’d rather have a lasting relationship with my purple dinosaur with pink dots and green eyes and parade it around town, you will of course still be you.  I of course will be the crazy guy with the dinosaur.  Just tell your child if you are walking with one that I’m a bit nuts.  Chances are it’s true.  If I’m with a man, shit tell them nothing.  The same way you would if I walked by with a woman. 

Saying something directly affects your life and the way you live is far from it actually doing that.  Just because you allow something to affect you, just because you place preconceived notions on how things will turn out before they even begin, and more importantly just because you behave in a way that these results that haven’t even begun to happen have indeed already manifested, is entirely on you.  You are behaving that way.  And that is something in which you can control.  Be a hypocritical asshole or shut up and spread love.  No amount of bible scripture, no amount of atheists, pagans, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, males, females, transgenders, gender neutrals, gays, straights, bisexuals, lesbians or others, who… fuck it let me be really clear here.

No amount of ‘Humans or objects within their possession’ can turn you into a decent person.  Rights belong to everyone.  From the mass murderer to the dog you have.  And the fact that anyone sect of society feels that they own the monopoly on how to tell the entire world to live, eat, sleep and breathe because their way is the only way is exactly why church and state don’t mix.

No religion, one more time for the idiots, NO religion has the right to impose their laws on all of society.  Yet the Christians are so adamant about doing it.  This is also why church isn’t in schools.  The more you push on hate the further your own freedoms disappear and you’ll have to worship in secret like other evil cults because you will have tainted Christianity so much that people will be ashamed to even say they are Christians in the public eye.  It’s obvious no one is riding the hate train anymore and only the few but most vocal and most well equipped to wage war are making the noise.

At the end of the day, trying to take over everyone and force them to deep throat your religion like a penis that is too big, is the type of tyranny and dictatorship that ended up creating slavery, and brings to mind people like Hitler.  And if you can’t see that that’s exactly what you are doing, trying to enslave the people and force all humans to be like you, then you are too far gone to understand anything in this post.  Like a certain local group here that shall remain nameless.  They know who they are.

If you’ve made it this far buy my books (shameless plug) and expect another post of the ridiculousness of this whole Christianity fight against the human race.

Love always wins, think about that before you start a hate war.

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