Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Love Not War: Shaky Foundation

If you’re wondering where this is going.  Good.  With the fight against marriage in Bermuda being fiercely fought by the PMB (preserve marriage Bermuda.) it is time to write this long overdue post.  I find myself some days wondering why so much fuss.  Anti-abortion this, homosexuality that, is this movie PG, no fun dancing, ban this book it’s the work of Satan.  The list is endless.  Why oh why do they care so much?  The more I thought about it the more I thought about why I don’t care that they are Christians.

See their faith doesn’t stop me from breathing.  It doesn’t stop me from having my own opinion.  It doesn’t stop me from getting out of bed in the morning and going to work.  I honestly don’t even think about it.  I don’t walk down the street like oh there goes a Christian and magically my day is somehow ruined.  I’m perfectly confident in who I am.  Why should I be bothered?  If these are the reasons why I’m not bothered than it stands to reason they would be bothered by only one reason.  That there’s some cracks in their belief system.

Why else.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Love Not War: Nothing Has Changed

Let me tell you a story.  This story probably won’t be anything fantastical.  In fact you will probably be wondering why I’m even bothering with telling you.  But hold out till the end.  Trust me it will make sense.  And if it doesn’t, well that means it was probably meant for you to read it and you’re ignoring the obvious for your own personal delusions.  In any case here it is.

On a day, sometime in some year on the planet earth a child was born.  Yeah nothing at all new about this.  Babies are born every day.  Still this story gets even more typical as they named the child John.  A nice name yes, but not all that original.  There are loads of johns.  John looked like his mother, no wait his dad, is this even important?  Children always flip flop their likenesses depending on the onlooker.  So more of the norm here.

He was born into the perfect family home.  Both parents working.  Both madly in love with him.  Recording his first steps and torturing all the childfree friends they have by showing off these photos.  Indeed, john was a celebrity in their eyes, even if only in their eyes.  Parents, you gotta love em.  John’s first word was, Jesus, I’m just kidding it was ‘no’.  Odd since his parents almost always said yes but it’s just one of those cute little things that happen around children.