Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Help Me Win

So this is new for me.  Pimping out myself to win a contest.  Usually I'm trying to sell books.  I fail miserably at that but who knows.  This might actually work.  I'd be lying if I said i wasn't hoping on some level that I might garner a sale or two out of this.  But in reality, this is so far out of my comfort zone that I"m just going for it.  If reach 100, which is way of from the number one spot which is already over 20000 thousand i think.  In any case triple digits I would consider success.  I guess i'm at that stage where I have nothing to lose so why not hope that people for once might actually get on the bandwagon and help me do something.

Bitchfest aside, what i'm really really happy about is that i did it.  Without even thinking about it.   I see these things all the time and say no.  I"m not high in the confidence department.  But this time quite literally on the day the email arrived, I bumped into my photographer by chance and was like "next sunday, we need to take some pics".  That kind of bold assertion is not something I have.  So i'm rather proud of myself.  So here it is.  All three links (click on the photos).  Please share the hell out of this blog post.  Or just the links, the links only have shares for pintrest, facebook, and twitter so you'd have to steal the address like I have to post anywhere else.  I was almost in a panic like how do I share to google (thats where the fans who actually read my shit are).  Obviously all the pics have their own address but the lack of shortcut just sent me into anxiety mode.  Yeah i'm a sad excuse for a human, i'm okay with that.

Nothing much more to say than I'm praying for a miracle that I can win but if i only hit 100, that would be more likes than i've sold books.  And that would be all six of my books.  That's how bad I do LOL.  Book links are in the bottom bio should anyone even care :)  

So one more time, click on all three and share share share!  And again click, on, the photos.  And yes i mean all three.  If i hold the top three that would just be awesome.  A man can dream right.

All photos were taken by Peter Carpenter.  He makes me look way better than i think i do in real life.  Oh and again.  Click on the photos and like.  It's a simple two click process.  Then repeat two times :-).


  1. So here we go +Samuel Alexander!

  2. All the pics are great, but my fave is the top one!