Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Musical Journey--Part 5

So.  Here is the fifth installment.  A few things have happened since my last post.  Now i desperately need people to click here, and here, or this musical dream will end up flushed away with the rest of the long lost desperate hopes of artists.  Yes I know artists breaking into the mainstream is a combination of hard work dedication and luck.  Shitloads of luck.  I'm still waiting on the luck part but i'm going to plug my shit in every thing I type from here until I die in hopes hard work will one day bring me the luck that I need.

The point I'm at now.  Well it's been a week.  No word back from composer, but she's busy so I'm trying not to stalk her.  I usually don't start blowing up your phone and email until after two weeks.  That's when shit is serious.  Results, even slow results are preferred to silence.  For all i know she could be almost finished or to busy to get started or, well i don't know.  But i have one more week before I care enough to be a pushy asshole.  Other peoples time is important after all.  It's never all about me and I'm not trying to cross that line.  In fact I only do when i know no one will take me seriously or it will get a laugh.  I'm a generally depressed kind of guy so ensuing laughter in others is rather therapeutic. 

Where I'm at.  Well I talked to my dad.  Who wont be reading this as I'm fairly certain he isn't savvy enough to find my blog, lol.  Neither is my mom, yet she can work an ipad like a beast.  Back to the point.  He actually teaches choral and is a classically trained piano player.  I was all score first.  I can sing to composer, i did.  She has two songs that I sung for her in the time I want so no need to call me.  Efficient is the name of the game.  I told him on thursday I'd get back to him by the weekend but here's the thing.  I need a piano-vocal score, he is a vocal instructor and a piano player.  My composer needs melodies to compose from.  Even though i sent her an email after convo it was pointless.  Why not do it the way the professionals would.  Come with my vocals and my piano scored and let them do their job, compose.  It would make it way easier on her, and get things done quickly, and the piano score would then only need the additions to the play that have no vocals to be added to it.  After all the piano-vocal score is to help the actors learn their parts so it doesn't have to be all grand like the full score.

This is a win all around.  Keeps production smooth and I get to work with my dad.  Is our relationship awesome.  Um, no.  But as it stands, i can firmly say we are at the best point we've ever been in.  And this is something we are both good at, music.  Who would've thought that after 34 years of parenthood we would go through divorce, him moving of the island, me living with him for one year, that ending badly when i ran back to bermuda, us having severe communications issues, to now talking the way adults should talk with eachother, father and son or not.  Life indeed does go full circle and we came out perfectly fine in the end.  And if this musical dream pays of.  His name is going to be on the vocal piano score, for life.  My mom got all the poems and a few blog post, this is going to be months of grueling work with him, so both parents come out with a slice of my life that will quite literally reach beyond all our death beds when we are gone.  I think i did well, which in turn means they did well.

Promotion.  I need a youtube presence.  Blogging is fine, but i'm a singer and a writer.  So i cant push a musical which is both without getting my cover track on like the other youtube wannabes.  And as luck would have it a musician just fell out of the sky, young.  Okay very young by my standards.  Not yet 20 lol.  seven months to go.  Oh to be a teen again instead of a 30+ starving artist.  But the guitar and the piano?  Seriously the universe must've known i was going to write a musical.  They have issues with the word cute, i say puppies are cute so embrace your cuteness, they however still havent gotten the memo that puppies are indeed cute.  They will always be cute.  Hence your cuteness is here to stay.  How does this tie in with musical.  It's broadway.  A lot of my songs are designed so you can take them acoustically, whether piano or guitar and play them and sing them as standalones.  I can honestly say I love singing the few show tunes I know.  I wanted songs complicated enough that singers would enjoy singing them, yet simple enough that non singers could walk out of the theater and hum them for months on end without ever having to know the words or hear them more than the one time.

So yes.  I am most definitely hoping all my efforts to convince this guy to play songs that i've been dying to sing forever and post to youtube is a success.  Mostly gospel and R&B to start.  Rock because I love rock and they know shitloads more of it than i do.  So i get to do something I want to do but have yet to really venture into.  After that who knows.  Dabble in some jazz and blues and country.  Hardcore.  Running joke "so you're just using me to make yourself famous and then you'll just drop me,".  Um… no.  It's always timed to be funny but on a serious note.  That's not me.  Here's why.

If we do go along with this.  The songs i'm picking will make learning my musical songs easier.  And they will have sheet notes anyway.  Secondly.  You can't do a vid and not name the musician.  That would just be self centered bullshit.  Also.  Who's going to sing all my girl songs.  I'm not the only person they will end up playing for once the musical is actually scored.  So I honestly know in the real world you cant take everyone with you.  In the real world, if we push to load my page with covers, and then my friends and family push to help me tour the island singing my musical numbers, none of us are going to get anything from that.  ANd other than me directing the musical, no one else will be in it.  There isn't a chance in hell that even if this shit flops i will not be naming of every unpaid soul who gave up their free time to actually work with me to make this happen.  And if i do make it big, the whole world will know about my beginnings.  Yeah we may not all be making the big bucks, but everything has a beginning.  I could never forget who was a part of that no matter how our paths change in life.

My Cd is being made by an church friend I grew up with and her dad you played the organ/keyboard for our church choir.  My new book the cover design is being done by an mutual friend who is a closer friend to my brother.  My last three books were edited by a long term online friend.  The last of which went through a second edit once i made some changes and got my new cover by a college friend.  She is off living her future science dreams in Puerto rico right now.  She is just finishing book number six for me.  I have now met someone who hopefully will play for me, and no the artist i sing don't usually have easy to play songs.  My brother has finished two of my books started the rest and will be doing some backing tracks on my cd.  My cousin, she will be doing some backing tracks, has a duet and, she doesn't know yet, will be helping me sing my musical songs when we get close to trying to put it on and get sponsors.  My friend in florida who managed to finish one of my books, and is there when i'm so messed up i'd rather not live is just now approving of my new book cover.  My bested friend in forever, she has been there through all books musicals and i hate the dream days, and my other local bestie, she has been through the same shit, the other one who's of island who I actually wrote a poem or two about, she is def a big supporter too.  The list is endless.  At the very least they all get a free ticket to my Bermuda first night opening.  And you know what the best thing is about this.  All of them would buy the ticket anyway.  If i make it broadway they are coming for free though.  Paying is not an option.  But they are getting something.  And if i can take them along for the ride in a contributory fashion they are coming.  There are lots of people that pretend to be there.  A lot that have agendas.  But very few who are really down for the cause if the only help they can give is a shoulder to cry on.

Let it be known in print forever that i don't forget any of this shit.  I'm an emotional creature, and when the world is focusing on the bigger obvious things, like the success I don't have.  I'm focusing on the people who are going blindly down the path of failure with me because even when I don't believe in myself…. they do.  It's not now or anything that I would ever take lightly and personally i think more people should care about the little things.  Perspective is key and right now all signs point to failure.  However everyone is still pushing me on like they see something I clearly do not.  So expect some youtube covers over the next few months and hopefully next year, play copywrited and rights held under my new company name, you will hear some originals.  Hopefully it goes well and this new addition to my team of awesome doesn't go batshit crazy as i keep throwing songs at them.

So yeah, composer at work.  Me and dad working on putting the melodies in sheet form.  Friends giving me feedback on my new badass cover.  Editor almost finished with book.  And i'm finally going to be singing again.  Maybe life doesn't quite suck after all.

And one more thing.  Don't forget to click here, and here.

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