Monday, 27 April 2015

My Musical Journey--Part 3

Second edit complete and.  Feeling pretty good about my power.  I may not have the words memorised to every song but after this edit I can at least hum all my melodies, and no where all the ensemble cast bits are.  All musical jokes.  Any thing that is acapella.  What instruments are the feature in each songs and when and where they begin to play.  Where all the scenes are that have music as the backdrop for the dialogue but no singing.  Where every character theme, and other themes play during the musical.  Not bad for one week.  Not bad at all.  Now comes the fun stuff.  How many songs did I write.

I've been telling everyone like 13 to 16.  It seemed normal.  My play isn't all music like some are, and all of my songs aren't these big numbers that eat up like ten minutes or more of play.  A few maybe but they are of course placed strategically.  And the most glaring piece of evidence to support this estimate is I wrote it in five weeks.  Really how much damage could I have done with a 136 page play.  Considering you skip a space for every character, if there were no blank lines it might actually be just under 100 pages.  It's a big musical yes, but certainly not that big.  Well it would appear I underestimated my own power.  If I count anything that lasts up to 90  I wrote approximately, okay exactly 30 songs.  

What the fuck.  That cant be right.  That's double the CD I am making and I took years to write some of those songs.  Okay that's not true.  I took minutes but I wrote them years ago, some at least.  Still when I was formulating my musical instructions, what mood is the song, what style.  Dance breaks in the song, the energy and tempo, and all that.  I was at eleven songs before even hitting half of the play.  I knew things were getting serious at that point.  How much songs did I write.  I had no clue.

Well I do now.

And I enjoy singing them for a few reasons.  One I get to sing them the way I sing other show tunes.  Like they aren't actually mines and they are in some movie or play that I am watching.  Even though I did write them It's not like how I usually write songs.  Those songs are for me.  These are like writing novels.  You get lost in the characters and it kind of lives in this world beyond you because you know you just can't be these people.  Visualising what it might be like, and more importantly it's one of the musicals that isn't based on anything.  No books, no true life stories, no moments in history.  It's just pure fiction from inside the confines of my mind, now on paper immortalised forever.  Okay it hasn't made it that far yet.  But it will be immortal someday.  A man can dream.  And I'm dreaming big.

So 30 songs.  Not bad.  Not bad at all if I do say so myself.  Composer has it now.  Reading through it. If they fall madly in love with it and take me on.  If they have the time considering how large it is.  Then I will be super psyched.  If not. Well I know where to look to find one so I'm not stressn.  Yet.  She said she'd read it Monday which means I wont begin to panic until Tuesday :).  I honestly have these big visions of seeing it on stage.  And if I ever make it Broadway the people from the beginning will be heading the first performance if I have anything to do with it.  This is by far the biggest thing I have ever done.  The most challenging, and it's only in the beginning and i can't contain the amounts of happy I am feeling.

That's about all for this post.  I wrote a book in one month, soon to be out.  I shocked myself then.  Now I've done the same with a musical.  And I've been told I should write plays for years and I just wasn't up to it.  Just couldn't do it.  And then, after suffering through Jesus Christ Superstar, I wanted to love it, the music was fun, the singing mind boggling, but… but… but…, zzzzzzz.  I just couldn't.  I thought the lyrics were just so blah.  Almost like the songs were to big for the musical.  But whatever. It was so much fun to listen too I suffered through it twice.  Even though I don't like it.  Anyway, that, and sweeny todd, and cats, and les mis and wicked, and best little hoar house in texas, and dreamgirls, and annie, and the sound of music, and… okay I've been on a serious musical binge.  And a friend gave me a massive list of musicals to watch so I'm going to get started on that now that I've finished mine(s) it sounds so better with the s.  

But back to the point, I don't know what happened, but I just thought.  I could do this shit.  And did it.  Just like that.  Formatting was difficult only because I like things to be a certain way.  And with centering the character names if they only had one word, there's this lone word to the left and the character name way over in the center and everything in me is screaming.  Center it.  Center it.  My minor compulsive borderline OCD personality but not quite there, cringed at things like this.  I almost put everything back the typical way, character name, colon and then text, just to stop the cringing.  But I survived.  Other than that.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought.

Well I'm starting to ramble.  That means I'm out of good shit to say.  So I'm done for now.  Just know.  My kung fu is strong.  And I have 30 Songs to prove it.

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